Felső-Eöry Cseresnyés Zoltán's work takes a rather rarely seen, yet precious psychological approach to fencing, and especially, dueling. He aims to provide knowledge that can save the readers from avoidable harm in a - that time often inevitable - duel. As a historical fencer, I have always been seeking to understand the motives and states of mind being present during fights, thus the author's worries about unnecessary risk of severe injuries and suggestions of the appropriate approach immediately drew my attention within this book. Although dueling is much in contrast with competitive fencing both in its motives and goals, I have found the experienced views of Felső-Eöry - beside its great informative value on the reality of dueling - immensely helpful, an invaluable addition at forming opinion about the goals and the psychology of historical fencing tournaments, more over, at defining my own approach and comprehending the mental processes going on during competitive fencing bouts.

The translation lacks proper revision at the moment, yet I hope that despite my inevitable grammatical errors due to my lack of proper English language, my effort to choose the right terms and composition fit to the original work, was able to at least create a readable first version. I strove to preserve the atmosphere of the century old Hungarian language and the enthusiastic tone of the author, lacking which it would be hardly possible to interpret the essence of Felső-Eöry-s words. This has indeed caused that the text itself may be slightly complicated, the sentences and argumentations complex, resembling sometimes rather speech than written structure. Yet to be honest, I have found pleasure in dealing with this old-fashioned style.

The thing that made me commence the translation of this work, was that I wanted to be able to discuss and utilize these ideas with my Training Partners and Friends, the Fencing Guild of Trnava. 

I hope that others too may find this book not only interesting, but also useful at their studies of Historical European Martial Arts.

- Krisztina Nagy, Budapest, Hungary 03.03.2013.

Safe outcome of the sword duel